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durham3 event to feature poems, films, music
By Susan Broili : The Herald-Sun
Jan 26, 2006 : 11:43 am ET

DURHAM -- The beauty of New Jersey and a chance meeting on a New York subway are among the subjects of a multimedia event planned by durham3 on Saturday.

Formed last year by Durham's Tanya Olson, a poet, and Amy Nolan, a photographer, durham3 seeks to bring together artists in various fields from all over the Triangle and showcase their work in Durham. The group puts on seven events during the inaugural year and plans to do the same this year, Olson said.

This year's first event, at 8 p.m. Saturday at Durham's Broad Street Café, features poets Chris Salerno and Brian Howe; filmmaker/film presenter Kirk Adam; and musician Scott Carey.

Salerno, 30, a poet who teaches at N.C. State University, plans to read from his first published book of poems, "Whirligig," out next month from Spuyten Duyvil Publishing House in New York.

"The book, broadly speaking, takes as its primary metaphor, the condition of being stuck with the happenstance of contemporary life," Salerno said via e-mail. "The Whirligig is a character whose blades may spin and spin in the wind but, ultimately, he is getting nowhere ... That may sound like a downer, but there's a fair amount of joy and celebration," Salerno said.

The book also represents a love poem to New Jersey where he grew up, he added.

"That's a place people don't fully understand. It's beautiful," Salerno said.

He also plans to read newer work.

"It's important to me that I air a few new poems, listen to them aloud in another space, hear them spoken under pressure," Salerno said.

His poems have been published in the Colorado Review, Carolina Quarterly, Free Verse and other journals. Two of his recent poems will be included in the forthcoming anthology, "The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel."

As a teacher of poetry writing, he believes it's important for students to read what is being written now. "The Norton Anthology is vital, but until you read what's being written in this climate, this year, from poets alive and well, you haven't got the whole picture as a writer," Salerno said. "Put your wet thumb in the air. Then write into what you've read, into what haunts you."

He also advises them to go to readings like durham3 and The Desert City series in Chapel Hill.

Kirk Adam showcases visual arts at the Kirk Adam Gallery in Raleigh. But for durham3, he'll put on his film aficionado hat and show footage from some of the many films he receives from all over the world through his Glitter Films company.

When contacted earlier this week, Adam said he had not yet decided what he would show to fill his 15- to 20-minute slot.

But he said he might show the 15-minute short feature film, "Dear Stranger," by a Fuquay-Varina filmmaker. Filmed mostly in New York, the film tells the story of a woman who sees someone in the subway and can't stop thinking about this person.

"It's a wonderful piece. I like the fact that it just grabbed my attention and kept it," Adam said.

Or he may screen a series of shorts. "If you don't like this one, you might like the next one," Adam said.

"It's not about what I like. It's more about that person getting people to see the work they've done," Adam said.

He has the same philosophy when it comes to visual arts.

"I used to think that only the Michelangelos were worthy of doing art ? I later learned that everyone is an artist. It's just a matter of doing it. Why not give that platform to everyone," Adam said.

Howe, a freelance writer and poet who lives in Chapel Hill, is a contributing writer at and a contributing editor at Paste Magazine. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Eratio, Octopus, GutCult and McSweeney's Internet Tendency.

Carey has participated in a durham3 event last year in collaboration with Nolan. This time, he will appear solo as Primum Mobile on guitar, keyboard and hard disk recorder. As to what type of music he performs, Olson said, in a release, "Think Radiohead, think lush, think really cool bands from the early '90s (shoegaze) that influenced many of today's pop bands."

After these artists take the stage, there will be an hourlong open mike session. (Participants will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis as they sign up at the door).

"I think every artist needs to see other artists' work to be inspired," Olson said.

She herself has found past durham3 events inspiring.

"I have something new to think about or something new to write about," Olson said.

The durham3 co-founders have no intention of turning it into a business nor of applying for nonprofit status, she added.

"We like it informal and casual," Olson said.

Events are sponsored, in part, by the Durham-based Carolina Wren Press.

They also realize it won't last forever but instead serves as a catalyst at a time when the Durham art scene seems to need one.

"The purpose is to bring artists together and to help Durham think about what kind of town it wants to be," Olson said.

While Raleigh is best known for its visual arts and Chapel Hill-Carrboro for its indie-rock scene, Durham doesn't have a peg -- yet.

Yet Durham has great visual artists, a burgeoning film scene as well as an increase in live music venues and spoken-word events, Olson said.

But, it could very well turn out that this diverse arts scene will turn out to be Durham's identification, Olson said.

"It's not just a music town. It's not just a film town. It's not just a visual arts or spoken word town. And, that's the beauty of it," Olson said.

Last year's durham3 events were well-attended, she added.

"We've been really pleased with the turnout," Olson said. "You can get a crowd in Durham. People want to come out and see what's going on. They're willing to take that risk."


WHAT: durham3, a multi-media event featuring poetry, film and music.

WHEN: 8 p.m. Saturday. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Broad Street Café, 1116 Broad St.

COST: Free. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Visit the durham3 Web site at

Friday, January 20, 2006

Janury durham3 At Broad Street Cafe

durham3 rings in its second year and 2006 with a full evening of the arts on Saturday, January 28th at Durham’s newest coffeehouse, the Broad Street Café. This month we will be celebrating the best the Triangle has to offer with Carrboro poet Brain Howe, NCSU writer Chris Salerno, Kirk Adam of the Glitter film series, and Triangle musician Scott Carey. We will round out the evening with a full hour of open mike. Sign-up will be at the door and slots will be first come, first serve. Doors open at 7:30, the show begins at 8:00, and there’s no cover. Broad Street Café has a full menu of sandwiches and snacks, along with coffee, sodas, and beer. For directions, see their website at or call at 416-9707. For other information, contact Tanya Olson at Amy Nolan at or visit the durham3 website at durham3 is sponsored in part by Carolina Wren Press. (

Chris Salerno- Christopher Salerno's first book, "Whirigig," was recently shortlisted for the Walt Whitman Award and is due to be published by Spuyten Duyvil (NYC) in February '06. A Graduate of Bennington College's MFA Program For Writers, he currently teaches First-Year Writing, Poetry Writing, and American Literature at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. His poems can be found in such journals as: Colorado Review, Jacket, The Tiny, AGNI
(online), Spinning Jenny, Free Verse, Forklift Ohio, Carolina Quarterly, LIT, GoodFoot, 5AM, Barrow Street, Can We Have Our Ball Back, River City, and others. Two of his recent poems will be included in the forthcoming anthology, "The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel."

Kirk Adam- Kirk Adam runs the Kirk Adam Gallery in Raleigh and is the brains behind Glitter films. Come and see what he is going to screen for us and see what else he has in store. Visit him in cyberspace at

Brian Howe- Brian Howe is a freelance writer and poet living in Chapel Hill, NC. He is a contributing writer at and a contributing editor at Paste Magazine. He blogs at and Howe’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Eratio, Octopus, GutCult and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. He is a member of the Lucifer Poetics group.

Scott Carey- PRIMUM MOBILE think radiohead, think lush, think really cool bands from the early 90s (shoegaze) that influenced many of today pop band. Scotty Carey performs on guitar and keyboard while bringing with him his hard disk recorder. It’s truly awesome.

durham3 is a series of multi-media events that bring together a variety of artists. The series is interested in using the physical and psychological thirdspace qualities of Durham to foster collaboration between artistic communities in Durham and the Triangle. Ultimately, this series would also like to aid Durham in defining its own artistic identity. Towards that end, each event will feature poets, performers, spoken words artists, visual artists, musicians, and dancers from across the Triangle.