Monday, November 06, 2006


durham3 is excited to kick off its third season with an event featuring both all-stars and new talent at Durham’s friendliest bar, Joe and Jo’s. Three years ago, durham3 wanted to bring artists from the Triangle together and to feature Durham’s burgeoning art scene. On Saturday, November 11th we’ll continue the tradition with the band Sequoya, filmmaker Todd Tinkham, poet Laura Jent, musician Calloused Hands, and, as always, an open mike and door prizes. Open mike signup begins at 7:30 and the fun will begin at 8pm. We’ll mark Veterans’ Day with a special showing of Home For Good, Todd Tinkham’s ten minute short, anti-war drama. There will also be an aftershow, featuring a different version of Calloused Hands starting at 11pm. There is a $2 suggested donation and of course there will be plenty of fabulous food and drink from the Joe and Jo’s menu. (durham3 recommends either the 5 Points burger or the Castro’s Cousin, depending on your preference for consuming animals.) Have questions or need more information? Consult or email Tanya ( or Amy

In our third year, durham3 is particularly committed to encouraging the arts scene in Durham. Just as we were three years ago, durham3 is amazed at the sheer amount of talent the Bull City contains, and we hope our events will continue to expose artists to the work of their peers, put them in conversation and collaboration, and assist Durham in defining its own arts goals and identities. In our original manifesto, we stated,

Under a regime driven by a need for conformity and uniformity, durham3 defines
supporting durham3 artists and attending durham3 events as an act of resistance.
Encouraging and participating in Durham finding its own cultural identity and
definition outside of already acceptable boundaries and classifications is a political,
revolutionary act.

We believe that to be true now even more than we did when we originally wrote it; we also believe it to be even timelier at Durham’s current stage of growth. (Read more of the original founding principles at )

durham3 would like to thank Tom Stern and Tema Okun (our first hosts in their public space on Rigsbee), the Know Bookstore, Ooh La Latte (R.I.P.), Baldwin Lofts, Pizza Palace, Joe and Jo’s, the Duke Coffeehouse, 305 South, the Durham Arts Council, Peacefire Gallery (R.I.P.), the Garden Salon, the Transom Gallery, Broad Street Coffee, the green space at Five Points (R.I.P.) and the streets of Downtown Durham (R.I.P. right now), all of who have hosted us at least once. We would also like to the numerous artists who have given their time to perform and everyone who has participated in the open mikes. We would also like to thank the Carolina Wren Press for their sponsorship and support. Most importantly, thanks to everyone who has come out to participate and support the arts in Durham.

November 11th, 8pm
Joe and Jo’s
427 West Main, Downtown Durham
2$ Suggested Donation


Todd Tinkham- Todd Tinkham is a local filmmaker who will be showing 2 new shorts, Sadie Turns Seven and Home For Good. Home For Good has screened in ten festivals around the country and recently won two awards, including the Best Drama Award at the Seguin Film & Arts Festival in Sequin, Texas. Todd is also at the center of Tinkham Town Productions. TTP is an independent film production company, specializing in creating short and feature films just outside the norm. Visit them at

Calloused Hands- Patrick is 21, and the only permanent member of folk- rock calloused
hands so far. He grew up in Dallas, Texas with brief exposure to piano at age 5. He
started thinking and reading and then moved to Durham, NC to enroll at Duke University
to study philosophy. After traveling the world alone for a year and about 100 songs,
Patrick decided that playing music was what he had to do. He is currently mixing his second effort, The Aging Commoner, at Quetzal Recording studios in Oxford, NC.

Laura Jent- Laura Jent is a tricky person who often tries to get people to call her other things besides Laura Jent. She is 28 years old and has had poetry appear online at Dirt Press and Shampoo Poetry, and in print in the Blotter and the Independent Weekly. She teaches children to speak, sing, move, and doodle. She likes to make little books. She thanks you for smoking.

Sequoya- Sequoya was formed in 1999 by Bonnie Pivacek and Matthew Yearout. In
2003 they moved to Durham North Carolina and now call it home. Their songs muse in
subtle irony and clever storytelling, all driven by acoustic guitar and electric bass. They
are currently working on their third album “Space Walk”.


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Durham3 rings in its second year and 2006 with a full evening of the arts on Saturday, January 28th at Durham’s newest coffeehouse, the Broad Street Café. This month we will be celebrating the best the Triangle has to offer with Carrboro poet Brain Howe, NCSU writer Chris Salerno, Kirk Adam of the Glitter film series, and Triangle musician Scott Carey.

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